Overview of Stock Book

Stock Book is designed to enable you to search your retailer group’s new and used stock in one place. 

We take various data feeds to ensure that the stock is up to date and that the factory statuses are correct.

The vehicle stock list can be accessed by navigating to 'Stock Book' from the menu bar.

Stock Book will display a list of all vehicles that your permissions allow.

For example, sales staff usually have visibility of all vehicles available for sale whereas administrators and managers may have access to view those that are sold, transferred or archived in addition.

The list of cars displayed in Stock Book can be filtered and adapted using the tools available at the top of the screen. These consist of the Quick Search and a group of icons we refer to as the Options Bar.

Quick Search is where you can type your search terms in order to locate the vehicles you need.

The Options Bar is made up of (from left to right) Saved ViewsSearch Builder, Column Chooser, Vehicle Options and a download/export option.

The list of vehicles can be sorted ascending or descending by clicking on the column heading at the top of the column you wish to sort. 


Hovering over certain fields will temporarily display relevant information.  For example, hover over the status to see when it was last updated.


Clicking on a single vehicle record opens up a window with further information for the vehicle. You will also see tabs that allow you to view equipment, activity, and comments.

Finally, the current vehicle sales status is also visible in the top right. This can be changed via the dropdown if you have the permissions to do so.

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