Popular saved views for the administration of your Order Bank

The saved views that you may have in your My Views section will vary depending on your job role and the processes and procedures within your dealer group.

However, in order to give you some ideas we have listed some popular reports or 'views' below by job role. These are by no means utilising the full capabilities of the app but are a good starting point.

Sales Executives

My Quotes

It is simple to have a list of your open quotes that have yet been converted to orders. In order to set this up run a search for an order status of Quotation:Draft. You can then use column chooser to select the data columns you wish to see. e.g in the screenshot below I have dragged 'Delivery Date' in so I can see the estimated delivery dates I had put on each quotation. You can then save this view and even add it as a tab to the top of your screen.


Sales Executives automatically have permissions that only enable them to view their own quotes and orders. If you have higher permissions that allow you to see quotes and orders for your site you can simply use the search bar to narrow the list down further.

My Orders

This can be generated using the method for My Quotes but searching for the status Order:Ordered instead. Perhaps you could have separate views for your new and used orders.


Awaiting Order Processing

Depending on how your site operates there may be a process where the Sales Managers convert a quote to Awaiting Order Processing when they sign off a customer order form. The administration team could then have a saved view just showing the orders Awaiting Order Processing so they essentially have a work queue to administer each day. This report could be generated by searching for order status Order:Awaiting Order Processing and then using column chooser to drag in other useful information such as delivery date or order date so that work can be prioritised.


Delivery List

To have a delivery list saved as a view will be a vital tool for all administrators, managers and possibly for your vehicle preparation departments if they have access to the app.

All orders must have the delivery date populated in order for it to be moved to Awaiting Order Processing. This should be treated as an estimated date of delivery to the customer and updated accordingly throughout the life of the order as this will assist with forecasting etc. Once the vehicle arrives on site and a firm delivery date is set with the customer the delivery date should then be ticked as confirmed. Therefore it is these confirmed deliveries that need to populate the delivery list.

Run a search for order status Order:Ordered and drag in any columns you need such as Delivery Date, Inspected, Valeted. You can then order the data by Delivery Date by clicking on the column heading.

In order to restrict the list to orders that are confirmed for delivery you will need to use search builder. Click on the search builder icon and click on the drop down to select a column. Select Delivery Confirmed,select Yes in the next drop down and apply the filter. Then simply save as one of your views and pin to the top of your screen for easy access.

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