Add details of a supplementary invoice

You may need to separate a GAP policy or a particular factory option from the main invoice details. You can now do this easily and split costs out from the main vehicle cost details.

You might have already seen the 1,2 icon that appears when you click in the amendable cost boxes for factory or dealer options.

Go to the line that contains the option you wish to separate from the main cost details, click in the price box and click on the number 2 that appears.



The amount will move to a second column and will be shown under a second order detail number.



You can now go to the customer section and identify which customer you wish to be accountable for this separate cost.


You can see above that the main vehicle costs are marked against the Send Invoice To customer, SalesMaster. However the second column of costs have been allocated against the Deliver To customer.

You can also take a deposit against the separated costs. Simply add a new deposit line and click in the amount box and move it across to the relevant column.


At the foot of your quotation you will now see the totals for both columns.

Printing an order form will include details of the main invoice costs.

To print details of the supplementary costs click on print and select the Supplementary option from the list.

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