Adding Contacts

To start adding your Contacts click the New.png button at the top right of the Contacts screen. You can then select the contact type you wish to enter - Company or Individual.

If you select an individual the form will adapt to enable you to enter the relevant details. Once you have entered the person's name it is then possible to enter multiple email addresses, phone numbers and postal addresses by going to the relevant tabs.

There is also a facility to add Twitter and LinkedIn account details for your contact on the basics tab.

There is a free type field titled Notes where you can make a note of any further relevant information.

Once all your information is added click  at the top of the page. This will take you back to your Contacts home page.

If you select a Company as the contact type the form will again adapt to enable the relevant information to be added. Once you have entered the company name you have the facility to record multiple Account Managers (these must be users) and denote whether they are Primary, Secondary, Other or Support.

On the Employees tab you can add a person as a contact within the company by clicking Add_person.png.

This will open a search window where you can search for a previously added Person or, if the name is not found in the database, will give you the option to directly create the Person. 

You will then be able to add a job title and indicate whether they are a decision maker.

Again, you can enter multiple email addresses, phone numbers and postal addresses as required by clicking on their name.

On the Fleets tab click Add_fleet.png to enter further details about your customer such as customer status, fleet size, replacement cycle and purchasing policy etc.

Once all the details are complete click  at the bottom of the page.

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