Timeline's List View

Timeline’s  List View


Most space is devoted, as always, to what you most want to see.   Your events are presented in a list view, sorted chronologically.  We recommend you create tabs for different time periods (i.e. one tab for ‘Today’, another for ‘This Week’ etc.).  The Search Builder and Saved View guides show you how.

Default Layout

The date is shown on the far left and is sorted chronologically.  Events are serrated into days to make it easier to view.  The date (and events) at the top are today’s events (or the next day with events).

The default view comprises: the date; the event’s time; type; contact; description; and colleague columns.  These can be amended using Column Chooser.

All events for a day are grouped together.  Each row is an Event (see below): 

Event List Icons

There are a series of icons to provide at-a-glance information about the Event:   

The event is in the future

The event is a reoccurring event 

The event is private

The event is overdue

The event is completed

The event is current (in play)

Contact with 

Clicking on the name of a person or company in the ‘Contact with’ column opens a contact summary.  This provides key information about the contact (where available).  Click the pencil icon to change the main contact record.  Click the contact’s name to filter all events by the contact.  Clicking the email address opens your email.


Only you or a manager can see the ‘Description’ text for an Event on the list view (the text that is in bold).  This means colleagues can see you are dealing with a customer, but can't see your notes.

Only you or a manager can open an Event.  This means any attachments or notes you have added against an event cannot be accessed by all colleagues.

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