Reviewing your bookings

There are numerous ways to view bookings, so you can use the most appropriate for the scenario or just use the one you prefer.

Bookings screen

The dedicated ‘Bookings’ screen - accessible through the ‘Bookings’ tab on the black menu bar - provides a list view of all the bookings you’ve made.  The status of your bookings is updated in real-time, so you can keep tracking of your bookings.  

You can use the Quick Search to quickly retrieve the booking (or type of booking) that you want to view.


You can use features such as Column Chooser and Saved Views to customise the information you see.

Global Search

The global search - which is located in the top right of the black menu bar - allows you to quickly retrieve a booking using the reference number or customer name.

For example:

To find booking reference 955 - type 955 into the global search field

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