Make a Demo Diary booking

To make a booking: select the dates you wish to make the booking for (on the diary interface) using your mouse cursor.  Make sure you’re on the same row as the vehicle you want to book out!


 Your cursor will indicate whether there are enough days available for the booking.  For example, in the above:

  • the default number of days for the booking (two in this example) is highlighted
  • the days for vehicle turnaround are shown in grey stripes (defaulted to two in this example)
  • weekends are excluded from the calculation to make the booking easier to visualise

To make the booking

- click on the required start date for the vehicle and a ‘New booking’ pop-up will appear. 

Enter the following information:


Booking type

This dropdown lists the different demo types, select the type to reflect your booking.


Click in this field to open the Contact Chooser screen.  You can search for contacts, add new ones or add additional addresses.


Enter the start and end date by clicking on the date in the date picker calendar.

 After clicking the ‘Create Demo Booking’ button the booking displays a ‘Provisional’ status.  The booking is now shown on the Demo Diary to indicate that the vehicle is booked out on those dates and to provide information about the booking.


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