Dates and Times on Events

Dates and Times on  Events

Quickly add or change dates and times.


Start and end times for an Event

There are two Date and Time fields on each event: the first records when the event starts; the second records when the event is due to end. 

Changing an Event’s start or end date/times 

When you click on either the start date and time (left hand ‘When’ field) or the end date and time (right hand ‘When’ field) you are presented with two options to enter the date and time.  

The Date Picker (that appears immediately under the date/time field) is best used for events that are required in the medium to longer term.

For events in the next fortnight the Quick Scheduler (that appears on the right hand side) is the fastest way to select the date and time for the event.

Using Quick Scheduler

The Quick Scheduler appears on the right hand side of the Event card when you click in either the start or end date fields.  It shows dates for today and the next two weeks.  Simply select the relevant date and time you want the event to start and/or end.  Your selected date and time will be reflected in  the Start and/or End fields.

Using Date Picker

Date Picker allows you to select a date, then an hour, then the five minute window within that hour.  The next option appears in the Date Picker window following the selection of previous value.  To select future dates click on the ‘Month Year’ title (‘July 2014’ in the screenshot above).  This allows you to select months within the current year.  Pressing the ‘Year’ title in the month view will allow you to change the year.

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