Timeline and Contacts

Timeline and Contacts

Using Contacts with Timeline.


Contact Summary

The ‘Contact with’ column is included on the default view of Timeline.  The name of the person or organisation that the Event is associated with is shown in blue.  

Clicking on the name opens the Contact Summary.  This provides key information about the contact (where available).  

  • Click the pencil icon to change the main contact record.  
  • Click the contact’s name to filter all events by the contact.  
  • Clicking the email address opens your email.

Email Contact Creates Event

On the main contact record for a person or a company there is an ‘Emails’ tab.  By each email address there is a ‘Send email’ button.  This opens an email in your default email application and pre-populates the ‘To’ address with the contact’s email address. 

After writing and sending your email and returning to SalesMaster the system will prompt you to create a Timeline Event.  SalesMaster pre-populates as much for you as possible. 

1 - Sets the Type to ‘Email’

2 - Adds the contact’s details

3 - Presumes you wrote the email straight away!

4 - Sets Colleague to your name

5 - Set the status of the event to ‘Complete’

6 - All you need to do is press ‘Save this event’ to create the event (and add the email text to Notes if you want to!)

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