Adding New Events

Adding NewTimeline  Events

Add all types of events in one place.


Add Event button 

The ‘Add Event’ button is on the left of the Options Bar (the row of icons at the top right of the page).  Clicking the button opens the ‘Create a NEW event’ card.

Create a NEW event’ 

Most of the fields available are self explanatory.  The ‘Type’ dropdown includes a comprehensive list of options (including’ personal’ for holidays etc and ‘other’ as a catch-all for anything we have forgotten).  You can search on these ‘types’ from the list view (e.g. so you can make all your calls in one go).

Click on ‘Select customer’ to open our Contact Chooser.  This allows you to search all existing contacts (whether individuals or companies).  You can also create new contacts (search first and then you will get the option to create a new contact). 


Repeat Events

Repeat Events work in the same way as you may be used to with events in other Calendar orientated software, i.e. If you make a change to a repeating event, all the repeat events are changed with it, not just the original event you changed.


Dates and times

When you click on either the start date and time (left hand ‘When’ field) or the end date and time (right hand ‘When’ field) you are presented with two options to enter the date and time.  The Date Picker (that appears immediately under the date/time field) is best used for events that are required in the medium to longer term; for events in the next fortnight the Quick Scheduler (that appears on the right hand side) is the fastest way to select the date and time for the event.  See our Dates & Times guide.



The card looks similar to the card used to update an event, however you cannot add an attachment until an Event exists.  To add an attachment to a new event: create the event, save it, close the card and re-open it.  You can then add attachments.

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