Stock Book record link to associated orders

We recently made some changes in our Stock Book and Order Bank module that included the removal of the ‘Source Ref’ feature that was available in Stock Book vehicle records.

Due to customer feedback we have reinstated this feature and improved it’s functionality.


What is it?

This feature gives users the ability to view any associated orders that are linked to a particular Stock Book vehicle record.


What’s good about it?

This is a useful tool that allows you to see when a vehicle in Stock Book with status ‘Part Exchange-Pending’ is likely to be available from.


How do I use it?

Selecting a ‘Part Exchange-Pending’ vehicle in Stock Book will open up the usual vehicle record. You will notice that the status ‘Part Exchange-Pending’ is now highlighted in blue.


Click on this blue link and you will be directed to the associated order in Order Bank.

You can then view the order details to see when the part exchange vehicle is likely to come into your physical stock.


Who can use it?

This feature is available to customers who have access to both Stock Book and Order Bank.


Any small print?

The link will currently only take you to orders that you have permission to view.

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