Vehicle Sales Statuses

Vehicle sales statuses are typically determined by a manufacturer data feed, or by setting them manually. The sales status of a vehicle is seen by clicking on the vehicle in the list to open up the stock record information. The sales status is shown at the top right of the page.

You can view other statuses available for the vehicle by clicking the drop-down. The status options shown will depend on your access permissions level. The picture below shows all of the sales statuses available. 

 (Tip: You could also add the status column to your view using the Column Chooser!)

The sales statuses visible may vary from user to user.

Typical sales statuses might be;

Available - stock is available to sell.

Protected - protected stock can only be set by higher level permission users. This can be used for showroom vehicles or new launch vehicles.

Under negotiation - see below.

Sold - as per protected, vehicles can only be set to sold by higher permission users.  For users of stock book only vehicles should be set to sold manually when a sale has been agreed. It is also important to click the padlock button next to the sold status to avoid the daily import changing the status back to available if the vehicle hasn’t been identified as sold on the daily feed.

Transferred - if a vehicle is transferred out of group, it is important to mark the vehicle as transferred immediately on stock book.  

Archived - these vehicles are sold and delivered and can only be seen by higher permission users.

You can manually change the sales status of a vehicle only if you have the required user permissions.

Marking a vehicle as 'Under negotiation'.

Depending on your company's policy, you may have the facility to temporarily reserve a vehicle for a limited time whilst you negotiate with your customer. This will highlight to all other users that somebody is negotiating on this vehicle.

Click on the vehicle and change the status to 'Under negotiation'. The vehicle will remain 'Under negotiation' for a predetermined period of time (decided by your organisation), typically 2 hours.

An administrator or a manager can then change it to 'Sold' once they receive confirmation of the sale. If your organisation uses the Orders module, then the vehicle will automatically change to 'Sold Awaiting Processing' when the Order progressed to the 'Awaiting Processing' Order Status. It will remain as awaiting order processing until Sales Administration or a Manager process the file and manually change the status.

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