Stock Record Information

Clicking on a vehicle within StockBook reveals further related information. With the vehicle record clicked and opened like the one below, you can see the photographs for used vehicles (where supplied) along with further vehicle-related data. You will also see tabs that allow you to view Equipment, Activity, Comments and fleets. Please see notes at the bottom of the article about what can be found on each tab.

The vehicle's Sales Status is also visible at the top right of the window. The options that you can view and the ability to change these depends on your permissions.

Overview - Gives detailed vehicle information.

Equipment - For new stock records, equipment lists factory options fitted to this vehicle. Depending on the feed for used vehicles this may include factory and standard options fitted to the vehicle.

Activity - Captures key events associated to this stock record. An event might be a status change for example. These events will be date and time stamp and where applicable will include the name of the person that made the change.

Comments - This is a free type area where users can add their own comments to a record. You can subsequently delete your own comments, if necessary. However, it is not possible to delete another user's comments.

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