The Sales Status of a vehicle in Stock Book

Every vehicle in Stock Book is given a Sales Status that is either set by the data feeds we receive for your account or by a user manually setting them.

The Sales Status of a vehicle can be viewed by clicking on the vehicle to open the vehicle record. The Sales Status is shown at the top right of the record.

You can view the other Sales Status options available for the vehicle by clicking the drop down. 

The Sales Status options shown will depend on your permission level. 


Typical Sales Statuses

Available  Vehicle is available for sale.

Protected  This status can only be set by higher level permission users. Often used for showroom or new launch vehicles.

Under negotiation This can be set by sales staff if they are speaking with a customer on a particular vehicle. This status is automatically removed after a pre- determined period of time (decided by your organisation), typically 2 hours and reverts the status back to ‘available’.

Sold This status can only be set by higher level permission users. Marking a vehicle as sold will automatically ‘lock’ the record so that subsequent data feeds do not overwrite this Sales Status.

Transferred If a vehicle is transferred out of your retailer group, it is important to mark the vehicle as transferred immediately on Stock book. 

Archived These vehicles are sold and delivered and can only be seen by higher permission users.

Please note that if your organisation also uses our Order Bank component then some of the Sales Statuses may differ and be updated automatically by the order creation process.




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