Creating Tags in Stock Book

Tags allow vehicles to be grouped and ‘Tagged’. This is a great way to visibly identify vehicles that qualify for a particular campaign or promote your aged stock to your sales teams.

The ability to add and remove a Tag is only available to users with manager or administration permissions. However, the Tags are visible to users of any permission.

To add a Tag

In order to add a Tag to a group of vehicles you need to locate the vehicles in your List View using Quick Search.

Once you have your required vehicles displayed you then need to tick the checkbox on the left of the screen for all the vehicles you wish to Tag. If the checkbox is not visible, try opening Column Chooser and drag the column called Checkbox up to your ‘Columns in use’ panel.

As you start to tick vehicles you will see a panel open up at the top of the screen.

Type in the name of the Tag you wish to apply to the vehicles and click ‘Add tag to’. You do not need to add the hashtag (#) as this will automatically be applied for you.

We also recommend that the name you give the Tag contains no spaces or any other punctuation marks, just a combination of letters and numbers.

Once added, the Tag will be visible to all users at the end of the Vehicle Description column.

Tags are searchable in Quick Search. If a user sees a vehicle with the Tag applied and wishes to view other vehicles in the campaign they can click directly on the blue Tag itself. This will run a search and filter the vehicles to those with the same Tag.

Remember, you can save your tagged vehicles as a Saved View and pin it as a tab on your screen or share with colleagues.

Please note that Tags are only available within the Vehicles component.  

Deleting a Tag

To remove Tags in bulk, call up the vehicles by searching by the Tag name.

Select the vehicles you wish to deTag by ticking the check box and click on the 'Remove tag from' button.

Alternatively, if you hover the mouse over a blue Tag you will see a cross appear. Click to delete the Tag from the vehicle. 

Again, this can only be carried out by users with manager/administration permissions.

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