Column Chooser

We have spent a lot of time working out what information to show you in your List Views, but sometimes you need a different view - this is where Column Chooser comes to the rescue.

Column Chooser does exactly what it says. It allows you to choose the columns you want to view using drag and drop technology.

We store lots of useful data that might just be exactly what you need. You can select from a large number of fields to customise your results page.

The Column Chooser feature is accessible via the Options Bar.

Clicking here will open a panel on your screen.

The top panel shows the default ‘Columns is use’. The bottom panel contains the other ‘Available columns’ you can choose from.

To add or remove a column simply drag and drop the column heading from one area to the other.

To rearrange the order in which the columns are displayed, drag the column to the position you require.

You will see your List View update immediately as you make these changes.

Don't forget you can also sort your columns in ascending or descending order by clicking on the column header in your List View.


Once you have your list of vehicles displaying as you wish you also have the option to save this view for use at a later date.


It is worth noting that the columns that you can choose can depend on your permission level within SalesMaster.

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