Saved Views

If you are using the same searches or screens in SalesMaster on a regular basis you can save this search as a Saved View.

Adjust the columns displayed using Column Chooser and filter records using Quick Search (or Search Builder) as you would usually and then click on the Saved Views button in the Options Bar.

The Saved Views panel will then be displayed.

The panel is divided into three sections.

Save this view     where you can name and save your views.

My views             where your previously Saved Views are listed.

Shared views      where your Saved Views will move to if the view is shared by you or with you


Type into the box under ‘Save this view’ to give your view a name.

Click 'Save' to make your named view appear under My views.

You may also find it more useful to have certain Saved Views that are used regularly 'pinned' as a tab on your screen for even easier access.

This can be achieved by clicking on the report name in your Saved Views panel to open the drop down shown below.


Click on ‘Pin as tab’ and the Saved View will then appear as a tab that is available at the top of your Stock Book screen.

Just click on this tab to run the report again whenever you wish. 

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