Introducing the Quick Search

All stock makes up one list. That means all New and Used stock is in one place, as are all Demonstrators, Pending stock and Trade.


You can narrow down the list of displayed vehicles by using Quick Search. This is located at the top left of your StockBook screen.

Quick Search works by using tokens enabling you to enter exactly what you want. 

To give an example of how it works using the tokens to filter your search results, you might search for a specific model as follows:

To find an Audi A4 Technik but restrict the list to Used vehicles...

you would type exactly that.... Audi... enter a space.... A4....enter a space.....Technik.....Used......and so on. Pressing return after each token will begin to filter as you add them.

To clear a search simply click on the 'X' at the end of the search box to clear all OR click on each tag individually to remove just one of the criteria you have applied.



Apart from typing in the basic criteria such as model, engine size, petrol or diesel, colour etc, the search allows you to search in other ways. Here are some other useful search suggestions;

Search vehicle options

eg. Type in 'Sat nav' and it will list all vehicles that contain Sat Nav in their options list.

Search by site

You can type the dealer ID number (or name) to filter out vehicles for just one site.

Search by Status

To search for all vehicles with the factory status as ASC type 'ASC' or vehicles that are confirmed type 'confirmed'


Find a specific vehicle

Search by registration or Manufacturer order ID or Chassis

You can type in a vehicle registration number to locate a specific record. In the same manner, you can type in a manufacturer order number or last few digits of a chassis number.



Besides doing the simple search, there are more ways to filter your search results. Here are some useful examples. Remember you can use a combination of tokens in a single search. 

Stock Type:

Start typing the phrase 'Stock type' into Quick Search. A list of suggested Stock Types will then be available to select from. 


Why do I need this?

Answer: Sometimes if you are adding a token for a 'new' car your results will also return vehicles that contain the word 'new' within the vehicle description (i.e New Model, New Hatchback,) This filter enables you to ONLY filter on the 'type' column. (ie. filter new cars from used or demo).


To search for a New Passat,1.8 Estate Sport, your search tokens would end up looking like this.



You can also search statuses in the same manner. So start typing 'Status' into Quick Search.

If you only wanted to see 'On site' results then you would select 'Status: On site' from the list.

We could apply this to the example we used above. Our search tokens would now look like this. 




Partial suffix search

You can search using just the last three digits of a registration number.

You can even search using the last 5 or 6 digits of a chassis or VIN number.





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