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Search Builder helps you get the most out of our powerful Quick Search by acting as a simple-to-use wizard that helps you to create exactly the search you’re after. It all starts by selecting which column you want to search. It then allows you to perform advanced searches on the data by building up a series of search statements.

The Search Builder feature is accessed via the Options Bar at the top of your screen.

Clicking here will open the Search Builder panel that contains a dropdown with a variety of options to choose from.


We will give you a couple of ideas as to how Search Builder can be used below, but it is worth having a look yourself to see the many ways in which this feature could assist you.

Search Builder can help you search for multiple terms within the same column of data.

For example, you may want to have a list of new stock that will be deliverable before the end of the current month.

Therefore, you can identify and select from the dropdown the vehicle statuses that will arrive in the month and then click 'Apply filter'.   


Search Builder can also be used to search for data within a range of parameters. For example, you could choose Mileage from the drop-down to create a list of used cars under a certain mileage.

Another idea is to filter your stock by DIS (days in stock), creating a list of your oldest cars in order to keep focus on these units.

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