Shared Views in Stock Book

If you have created a Saved View that you think may benefit colleagues, it is possible to share these views with them.

Assuming the report you wish to share is one that you have previously saved, open the Saved Views panel using the star icon in the Options Bar.

Click on the report name to show the drop down menu.

You then need to select 'Edit'.

This changes the name of the panel from ‘Save this view’ to ‘Edit this view’ and your report name will appear in the label field.

Click on the Share button to reveal a list of staff from your account listed alphabetically by site.

Tick the name of the colleagues you wish to share the report with and click 'Save'.

After a few moments, the shared report will appear on their screen as a tab and will also appear in their Saved Views panel under Shared Views.

It is worth noting that the person who designed and shared the report is the 'owner' of that report. So if the owner then decides to delete the report from their Saved Views it will also delete it from the colleagues it has been shared with.

If you wish to avoid this, the person who has had a view shared with them should click on the shared report in the Shared Views list then rename the report to something different under Save this view and save. This will create a duplicate report where they are now the owner.


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