Overview of the Order screen

  1. The vehicle panel gives you the information on the vehicle being sold.
  2. Tabs allow you to quickly switch between the vehicle Pricing, Admin, Summary, Contract hire and Signature sections.
  3. Clicking on comments allows you to view and add comments to the order form, the delivery note, vehicle record, preparation or PDI section.
  4. There are options here to print a quote, pro forma, order, in stock details, PDI and delivery instructions.
  5. The order status panel indicates the current status of the order. Clicking the panel enables you to move the order through from 'Quotation' to 'Awaiting Processing', 'Ordered' and finally 'Delivered', dependant upon your access authority level.
  6. The data in the left column relates to the sale type, selling and receiving dealers, reference and order numbers usage and delivery date.
  7. The main panel holds information about the customer, optional extras, discounts and deposits. These are all expanding panels allowing you to edit the data within the quote.
  8. The summary costs and credits are all shown on the right in an easy to view list.
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