Creating Quotation/Orders from a Stock record or Factory Order

There are two ways of creating a quotation or order.

  • If the vehicle already exists within the Vehicle component then you MUST create your quotation from the stock record using the 'New Quote' button within the individual vehicle record.


  • For factory orders (not in your stock) use the 'New Quotation' button in the top right-hand corner of the Orders component. Select 'New Vehicle' from the drop-down. Alternatively, you can select 'Search Vehicles'.

Either way, once you arrive at your new quotation screen you will see that SalesMaster inserts as much detail into the quote as it already knows. i.e the vehicle, your site, your username etc.

Order Statuses

Orders go through four stages:

  • The first stage is 'Quotation'. To proceed with your quotation you will be required to add your customer contact details under the customer heading which is initially red. Using the print menu you can download a PDF of the quotation.
  • The next stage is 'Awaiting Processing'. Here you can print an order form. To progress to this status you need to complete two mandatory fields (RFL & delivery date). At 'Awaiting Processing' you are able to download the 'Order Form' via the print drop down.
  • When an order is at the status of 'Ordered' it has been authorised and approved by a manager.

We suggest that administrators and managers all save tabs for the above three statuses to get a complete overview of all orders at any moment in time. For more information on how to do this see the article on Saved and Recent Searches

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