Adding Discounts and Adjustments to a Quotation/Order

Discounts can be added to a quote/order by either adding an adjustment or a deposit to the Order Form. Although they work in different ways, Adjustments and deposits will both discount the final price of an order.


An adjustment is for adding a discount that you have agreed with your customer. Adjustments can be added either as a percentage or an amount in pounds.

To add an adjustment to an order click on the blue 'ADJUSTMENTS' header and then click on the 'Add New' button

After giving the adjustment a name, you can either enter the adjustment as a % value (within the % box) or enter a monetary value in the rightmost box. Adjustments will discount the order price before VAT is added. An order can have multiple adjustments.


To add a deposit click on the deposit header to open the deposits section. Clicking the 'Add New' button will create a new deposit.

When adding a deposit, it is possible to capture a description, the type of deposit, a reference, the date the deposit was received and the deposit amount.  

You can add as many deposit lines as you wish.

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