Using Column Chooser in Orders

If you are reading this then you will already have access to Vehicles, which means that you may already be familiar with using Column Chooser.

You can also choose what columns you see within Orders using the same methodology used in the Vehicles component.

We store lots of useful data that might just be exactly what you need. You can select from a large number of columns to customise your screen as required.

Remember the columns that you can choose will depend on your role within the business. For example, a sales exec with a customer facing computer might not be able to see customer sensitive columns. This means that some of the reports mentioned within our literature cannot be recreated by all users. 

To add columns to your List View first, open Column Chooser (second icon from the right in the Options Bar).

To add or remove a column simply drag and drop the grey column headers from one area to the other. Now your chosen columns will appear on screen (or disappear from the screen if removed).


To rearrange the columns in use, simply drag and drop the column headers into the desired order within the 'Columns in use' panel.

Don't forget you can sort the data within your columns in ascending or descending order by clicking on the column header.

Saved Views can also be used, remembering both what you searched for and what columns you picked! Read more on Saved Views.

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