Reviewing your bookings

There are numerous ways to locate your bookings, so you can use the most appropriate for the scenario or just use the one you prefer.

Bookings screen

The Bookings List View displays all the bookings made by you and, subject to having the right permissions, other users from your site. The status of your booking is updated in real-time, so you can keep track of your bookings.  

You can use the Quick Search or Search Builder to filter the bookings (or type of booking) that you want to view.


You can use features such as Column Chooser, Search Builder and Saved Views to customise the information displayed on screen.

Home Search

The home search - which is located in the centre of the Home screen - allows you to quickly search across all components using any data held in a record. For example, a booking reference number, a vehicle Reg No. or the customer's name.

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