Demo Diary - Search Builder, Column Chooser and Saved Views

Search Builder

Search Builder helps you get the most out of our powerful Quick Search by acting as a simple-to-use wizard that helps you to create the bespoke search you’re after. It all starts by selecting which column you want to search by. Search Builder then allows you to perform advanced searches on the data by building up a series of search statements. You may be surprised by just how much you can do!

Search Builder enables you to search your Bookings, Vehicles and Contacts using multiple tokens for more specific search results.

Clicking on the spanner icon in the top right-hand corner of the application opens the Search Builder panel. Here you will see a drop-down menu giving you the ability to build complex search filters.

Simply select the column you want to start your search from, select the criteria you want to apply and then click on the ‘Apply filter’ button.

Once you have applied your filter, just can either add another search or close the panel by clicking on the Search Builder button again.

If there is a search that you run regularly, you could save it as a Saved View. This is particularly worthwhile if you have changed some of the columns to more relevant ones.

Column Chooser

We have spent a lot of time working out what information to show you within List Views, but sometimes you need a different view - this is where Column Chooser comes to the rescue. Column Chooser does what it says; it allows you to choose the columns you want to view using drag and drop technology. Also, as exporting data is so easy you can use Column Chooser to quickly create reports or real-time views. What’s more, you can then save the view you’ve created to save time in the future.

You can choose which columns you see in your search results when you perform a search in any List View.

We store lots of useful data that might just be exactly what you need. You can select from a large number of columns to customise your view to your exact needs.

Please note - the columns that are available to choose from will depend upon your role within your business. For example, a salesperson with a customer facing computer might not be able to see the 'Stand in value' column or any customer sensitive columns.

To open Columns Chooser click on the Column Chooser button (third from the right in the Options Bar).


Once opened you will see two areas the 'Columns in use' area and 'Available columns' area.

To add a column to the screen drag a grey column header from the 'Available columns' area into the 'Columns in use' area.

To remove a column from the screen drag a grey column header from the 'Columns in use' area to the 'Available columns' area.

Saved Views

After filtering the records (using Quick Search or Search Builder) and altering the displayed columns you can 'save the view' for quick and convenient access in the future. To save a view, open the 'Saved Views' panel by clicking on the star icon located within the Options Bar (top right-hand corner of the screen).

After giving your view a name (in the text box) click 'Save'. Your view will be saved to the 'My views' section. 

Clicking on the saved view allows you to:

- run the saved view

- edit the saved view

- create an easy to access tab for the saved view

- schedule the view as an automated email report

- delete the view


Using the 'Saved Views' panel it is possible to share views with other colleagues or to use views that have been shared with you. 


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