Copy 'Duplicate' Quote

We are excited to announce that the ability to copy fleet quotes is now available in Orders.

What is it?

The copy quote feature enables your fleet sales team to duplicate a quotation.

What’s good about it?

Duplicate quotations can be easily created where multiple quotations or orders are required for the same customer.

How do I use it?

Simply create your first quotation and enter the data relevant to all quotes. Click the ‘Duplicate’ button (highlighted below).

A duplicate of the quotation will be created with a new reference number. All new quotations can be amended if required.

Who can use it?

The copy quote feature is available to all Orders users who are creating quotations for sale types (highlighted below) relating to fleet transactions (Fleet, Direct, RFO etc).

Any small print?

The copy quote feature is only available for new vehicles and only when at ‘Quotation’ status.

Please note that not all data will be copied to a duplicate quote. Items that are not copied are: vehicle order number and chassis number.

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