What is it?

You are now able to attach documents or images to vehicles, orders, contacts and bookings.

What’s good about it?

Relevant documents can be stored directly on the appropriate SalesMaster record. Images of vehicles can be stored on the vehicle record, customer emails could be attached to their orders or contact records.

How do I use it?

Orders, vehicle records and contact records now have a tab called Attachments.

Click on ‘Select files’ to choose files from your computer to upload to the record.

These files are then available for you to download and view at any point in the future. An option for you to destroy or delete the file is also available.

Who can use it?

The Attachments feature is available in all SalesMaster components.

Any small print?

Currently, the file types we are able to store are limited to PDF, JPG and PNG.

When adding documents to vehicle records you will need to click on ‘Edit’ for the attachments tab to appear.

Whether you can add an attachment to a booking is permission controlled.

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