Timeline's Column Chooser

Timeline’s Column Chooser  

You can choose which columns of data you see in your search results when you perform a search in any List View.

Tip! The term ‘view’ refers to the main area of your screen where the information is listed in columns.  

Finding Column Chooser 

Column Chooser is the penultimate button in the Options Bar (top right corner of the Timeline page).

Clicking on the button will open the Column Chooser panel, which includes two sections. The top area contains the 'Columns in use' (in Blue) and the bottom area contains the remaining 'Available columns' (in Grey). 

Adding or removing columns

The ‘Columns in use’ are the ones currently shown and the ‘Available columns’ are ones you can add to your view if you want to. 

To add or remove a column simply click on the relevant column header and drag and drop it from one area to the other. 

For example: To remove a column from you current view - locate the name of the column in the ‘Columns in use’ section, then drag it to the ‘Available columns’ box below. You will notice that the columns in your current view change almost immediately. To add a column to your current view simply do the same in reverse.

Rearranging columns

To re-arrange the order that the columns are displayed simply drag the column header to the position you wish them to be viewed in the ‘Columns in use’ section.

Saving your view

You can also save your new amended view as a ‘Saved View’. Your saved view will remember what you searched for and what columns you picked. See the ‘Saved View’ guide for more information.

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