Updating Events

UpdatingTimeline  Events

Quickly view and update events.


Opening an Event

Each row within Timeline (see below) is an event. Clicking anywhere on the row opens the event. You can only open an event if it is your event, or if you have manager level access. 

Updating an event 

Opening an event shows more information about the event than can be viewed in the list view.

Information on the event can be amended and stored (using the 'Save' button).  

Amending the ‘Colleague’ field from yourself will remove the event from your Timeline and add it to the Timeline of the colleague you specified.

Clicking the contact’s name opens our Contact Chooser. This allows you to search all existing contacts (whether individuals or companies). You can also create new contacts. You cannot access the full details of the contact from the Event Card. This can be accessed from the List View (in Timeline List View > click the contact’s name > click on the pencil icon on the right).


Pressing the ‘Delete’ button will delete the Event (there is a warning message, but there is not an undo option). 

Create new event

To create the follow-up action for an event, open the event you are following up:

1. Complete the event by clicking the ‘Mark as Complete’ button

2. Save the change by clicking the ‘Save’ button

3. Create the follow-up event by clicking the ‘Copy to a new event’ button

The new event is a duplicate of the event it was born from. Amend the event as necessary and press the ‘Save’ button on the new event to save it.

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