Timeline Menu Dropdown

Timeline  Menu

Quickly see your key events.


Finding the Timeline menu 

At the top of the SalesMaster software is a black menu bar (see below). 

The menu options vary depending on whether you hover over them with your mouse or click on them:

Hover over - the menu option dropdown will be shown

Click on - the relevant page within SalesMaster opens

The tips below relate to functionality that is available when you hover over the Timeline menu option.


Overdue events 

There is an option to view Overdue events.

Clicking on this option will open the Timeline page and bring up a list of all your overdue events.

This option will only be available when you have overdue events.


Your day’s events 

The bottom section of the menu shows you your events for today.  This is a really great way to quickly see what you have on in a day.

The menu can be viewed without leaving other pages within SalesMaster. 

For example, if you are working in Stock Book and want to check your day’s events simply hover over the dropdown.

The dropdown uses the same icons that are used in the Timeline List View so you can quickly identify overdue, future and completed items (for example).

Hovering over the various items in your day event list will show you both the name of the contact that the event is associated with and the notes that you entered about the event.

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