Timeline Overview

Timeline Overview  

Finding Timeline

Timeline is a component found in the Menu Bar (the blue section down the left-hand side of the screen). The options that appear on the menu are dependent on your position and the components you have. 

Clicking on the Timeline button will open it.

Familiar features

If you are familiar with SalesMaster, you will recognise many familiar features in Timeline.  

  • Quick Search  How to quickly find events by contact, type or notes.
  • Saved Views  After adding/removing columns, rearranging them (or the sort order) you can save the view you’ve created.
  • Search Builder  Quickly build a more complex search to find the Events you’re after.
  • Column Chooser  Add, re-order or remove columns from your list view.

List View

Most space is devoted, as always, to what you most want to see. Your events are presented in a List View, sorted chronologically. Timeline's view is separated into days to make it easier to see what you need to do at a glance.

Tip! Using Search Builder and Saved Views allows you to create tabs. We recommend one tab for ‘Today’, another for ‘This Week’ etc. Using our dynamic dates option in Search Builder means that the events shown in each tab vary dependent on today’s date.

Event Cards

Each Event holds more information than is shown on the default view on Timeline. You can access this additional information by double clicking on any event (i.e. a row in the main List View).  

You can create a new event by using the ‘Add Event’ button at the top right of the screen next to the Options Bar.

Events allow you to record what type of event it is (phone call, email, meeting etc.); specify who the event is with (an individual, or company, or both); specify a date/time (or set it as an all day event); assign the event to someone else; and add an attachment.

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