Timeline's Saved Views

Timeline’s Saved Views 

Open, save, email, or share views


Finding Saved Views 

Saved Views is the first button (*) in the row of icons in the top right of the page.

Creating Saved Views

Create your view using Quick Search, Column Chooser and/or Search Builder to display the information you require in your view. When you have created and arranged your view click the star button at the top right of your screen and the Saved Views panel opens.

To save a view simply enter a name for your view in the box on the left-hand side (section 1 above) of the Saved Views panel and click ‘Save’. Your new saved view will now appear in the ‘My views’ section (2a above).

To share a view, enter a name for your view in the box on the left-hand side (section 1) as usual and click ‘Share’. You will then be presented with a list of colleagues to share the view with. Select the colleagues you wish to share the view with. Clicking 'Save' will share the view with them. The view will appear within the 'Shared views' section (section 2b).

Viewing Saved Views

All existing views can be found in the ‘My Views’ (see 2a above) and ‘Shared Views’ (see 2b above) sections of the Saved Views panel.  

Views you have created (and only you can see) are shown in ‘My views’. Views that you have created and shared with colleagues (or have been created by colleagues and shared with you) are shown in section ‘Shared Views’.

Clicking the view button (eye icon) by each view will open a dropdown with six options:   

  • Run - will run the view.
  • Edit - allows you to edit the view. You can change anything from its name, columns, quick search tokens etc.
  • Pin as tab - creates a tab on your list view (main area within Timeline). This allows you to view your most popular views as soon as you open Timeline. 
  • Set as default - makes this view your default in Timeline. You can only select this for one of view.
  • Schedule as email - This powerful feature allows you to set up a schedule so the view is emailed to whoever you want whenever you want.
  • Delete - This will remove a record from your saved views screen and also remove the same pinned view from your desktop. There is no ‘undo’!
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