Timeline's Search Builder

Timeline’s Search Builder

Advanced searching made simple.

Finding Search Builder 

Search Builder is found within the Options Bar (top right of the page). Clicking the 'Spanner' button opens the Search Builder panel.


Find the column you want to use to search from the dropdown. The options that are presented in Search Builder depend upon the column you have selected. This guide will feature the most common options presented. Search Builder can perform multiple searches to really narrow down your search.

Is any / Is none

For most columns that do not include dates, you are presented with options that allow you to select (or exclude) a number of data values.

  • Is any of- allows you to select one or more values to restrict the data shown in your main view. In the example below: only Paul or Sarah’s events would be shown.
  • Is none of - your view would include all events except those you specify here. If used in the above example, all events except Paul or Sarah’s would be shown.
  • Is not set - would return events where this column is empty. A great way of checking data quality. 


For all date columns the range of options, you’re offered allow you to successfully narrow your search.  

  • Where it has ‘DATE’ in the option name - You can select a specific date from the date picker calendar. This allows you to control the date range entirely.  
  • ‘Is’ / ‘Is after’ / ‘Is before’ - We call these options dynamic dates. They allow you to specify a date range (such as ‘Today’, ‘This Week’, ‘This Month’ etc.) and they will change over time to always show you events that match. For example, tomorrow the ‘Today’ option will not include the events it would today. We strongly recommend using dynamic dates with Timeline.


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