Assigning Timeline Events

Assigning Timeline Events 

Quickly assign an event to a colleague.

Whose Event is it?

Each Event belongs to someone. The name is held in the ‘Colleague’ field on an Event.

The person must be someone who works in the same company as you (i.e. is a SalesMaster user at your business).

You can view the Colleague field on both the List View (above) and on the Event Card itself (below).

When an Event is created the ‘Colleague’ field is automatically set to the name of the user who created the event.

This means you can very quickly create Events for yourself (as you won’t need to change the dropdown from its default value).

Assigning an Event to a Colleague

You can change who an Event belongs to. To change the ‘Colleague’ field, simply select the person you want to give the Event to and then press ‘Save’. 

The Event will then be associated with them and an email will be sent to them to say you have added an Event to their Timeline. You will also be copied into this Event.

The Colleague drop-down can be changed when you are adding a new Event or updating an existing one. 


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