Order Summary Tab

What is it?

The ‘Summary’ tab records costs and profits for an order. This data can then be used in retailer reports (e.g. daily forecasts and month to date profit etc).

What’s good about it?

The new clear and easy to understand layout helps to ensure key information is captured for every order.  

This data can be easily viewed or exported to produce retailer reports (such as Daily Operating Costs (DOC), Month To Date (MTD) or forecasts).

How do I use it?

Relevant data is automatically pulled from the 'Pricing' tab. The remaining information can then be quickly added to the order at the point of sale for inclusion in profit/expenditure analysis.

Who can use it?

The Summary tab is available to all Orders users (who have the relevant permission level).

Any small print?

We are aware that there are a lot of different ways to calculate profit (net and gross) and have opted for the ones we think are best. Please check the system calculates the results you expect for your business.

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