Scheduling Reports

What is it?

Scheduling reports allow users to email reports or saved views at regular pre-set intervals to themselves or other people.

What’s good about it?

Saved Views you have already created can be scheduled to automatically email as PDF or XLS. Once an email has been scheduled Reports can also be emailed to colleagues or managers without you having to remember.  

How do I use it?

In ‘My views’ simply click on the Saved View you wish to schedule.  

In the drop-down select the  ‘schedule as email’ option.

The ‘Add scheduled report’ window then appears where you can select the following report options:-

  • Frequency - weekly or monthly
  • Days - select required days of the week  
  • Time - select time the report should be run
  • Starts on - select date your report is to start
  • Format - choose the format (Excel or PDF)
  • Recipients - the report will always be emailed to you. Using 'Recipients' allows you to send a copy to specific email addresses. If no address is selected the report will only be sent to the creator

Who can use it?

Scheduling reports is available to all users.

Any small print?

The ‘monthly’ schedule option is currently restricted to ‘Beginning of the month’ or ‘End of the month’. The daily option has no restrictions though.  


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