Enhancements to Movement Types in Bookings

We have made some changes to how movement types can be selected for DemoDiary bookings.

What is it?

Currently, users can only specify one movement type for each booking. However, we have now created the facility to allocate two movement types per booking.

What’s good about it?

Our customers have communicated to us that there are circumstances where you may need one transport method for delivery and a different method for collection.

How do I use it?


Users with higher permissions within the DemoDiary module have access to an editable booking form view for each booking.

Within this view, there is a section for both Delivery and Collection where you can now specify, using the drop down, the different movement types for each.

If you are looking at your List View in Bookings, you can also use Column Chooser to drag in columns to show the ‘Delivery Movement Type” and ‘Collection Movement Type’

Who can use it?

The detail around movement types can be viewed by all Demo Diary customers. Those with supervisor and administrative permissions will be able to allocate the movement types to bookings.

Any small print?

This feature is only editable to those users with a higher permission level.

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