‘Available from’ date on Part Exchange Pending vehicle records

We have added a new field of ‘Available from’ to vehicle records with a status of ‘Part Exchange Pending’.

What is it?

Vehicle records with a status of 'Part Exchange Pending' are created automatically by orders generated within the Orders component.

The ‘Available from’ date is populated with the delivery date from the associated order.

What’s good about it?

The new field gives you a quick way to review when a ‘Part Exchange Pending’ vehicle is likely to be coming into stock at your retailer.

How do I use it?

The ‘Available from’ field is clearly visible on the vehicle record.

The field is also available as a column in Column Chooser so the information could be viewed while looking at a list of part exchange pending vehicles.

Who can use it?

This feature is available to customers who have access to both Vehicles and Orders.

Any small print?


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