Software Update - deployed 03 February 2016

03 February 2016 - Release v16.05.00 (Deployed at 23:13)


  • No changes made


  • Limited Accounts - Fix to remove Extensions section for specific customers [B.5440]
  • Limited Accounts - Fix for driving licence error not displaying for Additional Drivers [B.5849]
  • All Accounts - Fix to update SalesMaster logo [C.5882]
  • All Accounts - Fix to populate Search Builder with supplier names [B.5905]


  • No changes made


  • All Accounts - Fix for marking days as ‘logistics to capacity’ in BST [B.5880]
  • Limited Accounts - Fix to stop defleeted vehicles being booked for a specific customer [B.5896]


  • No changes made


  • No changes made


  • Limited Accounts - Fixed issue where refresh was required after GAP approval before additional dealer options could be added [B.5735]


  • No changes made


  • No changes made


  • All Accounts - Removed Appraisals tab from vehicle record for non-appraisal customers [B.5441]
  • All Accounts - Updated third party API to allow VRM lookup on cherished plates [C.5684]
  • Limited Accounts - Fix to display vehicles with a PX status [B.5851]
  • Limited Accounts - Fix to display correct DIS values for a specific customer [B.5917]
  • Limited Accounts - Fix to extend vehicle option choices for a specific customer [C.5918]


  • Limited Accounts - Reinstated import error checking routine for a specific customer [B.4448]
  • All Accounts - Realignment of Fleets UI [B.5436]
  • All accounts - Fix to improve bug detection and identification processes [B.5520]
  • Limited Accounts - Creation of code tests for a specific customer [C.5799]
  • Limited Accounts - Fix to improve environment response time for a specific customer [B.5827]
  • Limited Accounts - Data importing for additional sites for a specific customer [C.5865]
  • Limited Accounts - Fix to update and create new Central Leads for a specific customer [C.5947]
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