Changes to SalesMaster PDF generation

Changes to SalesMaster PDF generation

In our latest release we have made some changes to how our PDF documents are generated.

Previously we used a third party service to help produce some of our PDF documents. This meant that any downtime experienced by this supplier immediately affected our customers. 

We recognise how critical the generation of PDF documents is to your businesses so in order to avoid downtime situations that are outside of SalesMaster’s control we have now brought our PDF document generation in house.

We’ve been working on this project for a few months however we have delayed deploying the PDF upgrade until now as we were conscious not to make significant changes in and around the month of March.

Most of the changes made have been to behind the scenes processes and therefore you will see little change to the PDF documents when you download.

The only exception to this is our quotation and order form PDFs which we had to re-design as part of this work.

Currently a section on these forms could span multiple pages which could be a real annoyance for users. To stop this from happening we changed the layout from a vertical to a horizontal structure.

Please see below to compare examples of our Order Forms so you can become familiar with the new layout. 

As always, if you need any support with new changes, please contact our Customer Support Team through




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