Case Study: Reporting on Customer Contact Preferences

What is it?

We’ve added a way to capture a customer’s Contact Preferences against a contact record.

What’s good about it?

Combining customers’ Contact Preferences with reporting can be used to make customer lists for phone, email, post mailouts and SMS messaging.

How do I use it?

This article will focus on making a phone list and can be repeated to make different lists.

  1. Go to Contacts List View.
  2. Using Quick Search, start to type ‘Can contact’ and select the Search Helper ‘Can Contact?: Yes’. This will only show customers who have explicitly said they can be contacted.
  3. Within Column Chooser, open the ‘Contact Preferences’ tab of ‘Available columns’.
  4. Drag over the ‘Can contact?’, ‘Contact by phone?’ and ‘Preferred contact time’ columns from ‘Available columns’ to ‘Columns in use’.

You should now have a List View similar to the one shown below.

It is clear from the list which customers to contact by phone and at what time of day.

Your list can now saved and shared as a Saved View or, if you have the relevant permissions, be exported to PDF or a spreadsheet.

Who can use it?

  • The creation of reports in app is not restricted
  • The ability to export data from Contacts is restricted by permissions

Any small print?

  • This feature is only available for accounts with the Contacts component.
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