Software Update - deployed 29th June 2016

29th June 2016 - Release v16.26.00 (Deployed at 17:25)



  • Import additional fields for a specific customer [C.6602]
  • DIS calculated and displayed for a specific customer [F.6861]


  • Amendment to vehicle import for specific customer [F.6862]

ShowRoom Pro

  • Vehicles imported for new site [C.6679]
  • Importing process amended to support blank fields [C.6729]
  • Improved communication processes with external system [C.6827]
  • Process amended to be consistent with new data from external system [C.6791]
  • Solutions image is now consistent with vehicle type [F.6816]
  • Site added to Timeline Search Builder [F.6863]
  • User can specify vehicle type when creating Appraisal [B.6869]


  • Site added to Timeline Search Builder [F.6863]


  • No changes made

Unified Fleet Demos

  • Fix to resolve time display errors in Booking Summary PDF [B.6840]
  • Comments column now displays comments on Booking Form [B.6871]

Event Bookings

  • No changes made

Experience Bookings

  • Process added to prevent booking over sites’ capacity [F.6347]

Replacement Bookings 

  • Visibility of specific customer data has been restricted [F.6822]
  • System now audits key data [F.6879]

Used Vehicle Operations

  • No changes made


  • No changes made


  • No changes made
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