Software Update - deployed 9th August 2016

9 August 2016 - Release v16.32.00 (Deployed at 17.45)


  • Amendment to Vehicle import for specific customer [C.7044]


  • No changes made

ShowRoom Pro

  • Create ability to Quick search by customer name in ShowRoom Pro bookings [C.7115]
  • Work to exclude system generated events from Follow Up column [B.7057]
  • Amend New Enquiry column to only include relevant system generated event [B.7058]
  • Amend Test Drive column to only include Completed bookings [F.7070]
  • Ability to define timeline event types by account [F.7091]
  • Update Hub to reflect brand model data change [C.7013]


  • Ability to define timeline event types by account [F.7091]


  • No changes made

Unified Fleet Demos

  • No changes made

Event Bookings

  • No changes made

Experience Bookings

  • Fix to enable setting of default limits and daily limits in any order [B.7079]
  • Work to fix issue with generic vehicle importer [C.7028]
  • Additional reporting functionality [F.6984]

Replacement Bookings

  • No changes made

Used Vehicle Operations

  • No changes made


  • No changes made


  • Security enhancement [C.7055]
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