Software Update - deployed 17th August 2016

17th August 2016 - Release v16.33.00 (Deployed at 18:03)


  • No changes made


  • No changes made

ShowRoom Pro

  • Hub update [C.6731]
  • Fix to enable all dealer options to display in an Offer [B.7062]
  • Useful Links URL updated [C.7075]
  • Timeline calendar event limit can now be set [F.7174]
  • Update to allow Timeline to display an accurate count for a specific browser [B.7196]


  • New status codes and descriptions updated for a specific customer [C.7011]
  • Timeline calendar event limit can now be set [F.7174]


  • No changes made

Unified Fleet Demos

  • In app bookmarks removed from iOS platform [C.7183]

Event Bookings

  • Fix to allow deletion of comments [B.6774]
  • Additional vehicle model added to an Enquiry dropdown for a specific customer [C.7116]

Experience Bookings

  • No changes made

Replacement Bookings

  • Additional columns added to Bookings for a specific customer [F.7092]

Used Vehicle Operations

  • No changes made


  • New API developed [F.7137]
  • User interface for new API created [F.7138]


  • Further restrictions applied to the viewing and editing of site details [B.7142]
  • Backend linked files have been standardised [C.7182]
  • Users can view Diary without the ability to make Bookings [F.6973]
  • User access restrictions applied for a specific customer [F.7136]



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